Level 4 - OP Gear

It always happens with a level locked gear system: you'll always find something amazingly over-powered and you're prevented from using it because its level 65 and here you are at 22. The same thing happened to me this week.

I scheduled a couple business meetings this week past to move the game forward towards putting Critical Hit Coffee into cans. To do that I need a lot of equipment I don't have, so one place I met with was Wild Goose. They do automated canning and bottling lines and if I want to can coffee I will either need to: do small batches and can slowly and manually; outsource to a major production facility; or buy a Wild Goose machine.

Talk about coming into a treasure room with all the coolest, shiniest things. I had a great tour, but I need to find a way to make use of a machine that does over 2000 cans and hour when I don't even need to do that many in a week. Either I need to party up or grind like a windmill to make it worth the outlandish price tag manufacturing equipment commands.