Level 3 - Mob Grinding

MOB - noun
Digital Technology. (as in a video game) A hostile non-player character that the player may target and fight. This definition originated in 1980–85; coined by British video-game developer Richard Bartle; shortening of mobile (as in “a moving sculpture hung from the ceiling”
I wanted to look that up since in my brain Mob was short for mobile, but I thought it meant a mobile object or agent, not mobile as in the thing you distract infants with before they grow up to be evil scientists bent on replacing the human race with synths. Looking at you Shawn.
As anticipated, I've hit that time where business becomes a grind for resources. I've got the product, I've got the supply chain, I've even got fans. But, all the "easy" sales are done with and I need to convince a few hundred more people that Critical Hit is better than their existing coffee brand. I mean, it IS better, they just don't know it yet.
I think I'll be at a low level for a while longer, but as I usually do I'm off soloing dungeons I shouldn't be. Whole bean coffee is great and all, but I want to make Nitro Cold Brew in cans, so I'm trying to get a handle on that process. I cant afford automation and contract canners so far aren't interested in tiny batches and some won't even do coffee.
Next real steps are bring on the medium roast and get a commercial coffee grinder for all the heathens out there.