Level 1 - The Beginning

Like most grand quests, this one began humbly. The protagonist muses out a window at how mundane life can be and dissatisfaction with normally joyful things soon follows. However, in this case there is no wizard on the doorstep prodding things into action. Rather, there needed to be personal action taken; a self driven quest.

I took all the level-one Business Newb steps needed: I read books on startups and success stories to get psyched up. I thought about just what my product would be and how I could afford to start up with very little invested. I thought about branding, target audience, and niche. And then I quit my job with way less money in the bank than was comfortable.

Even now, after a month of planning, a month of preparation, and a week "in business," the concept has changed and shifted dramatically thanks to my personal business methodology: Imagine running into a dark room with a compass and just bumping into things as they come up, but all the while trying to stay roughly pointed at the unseen goal.